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nnua◆l sessions of th■e National People'●s Co ngress ○and the Chinese P■eople's Pol○itica
nt equipme○nt industrfeb
l Consultative ○Conference.Dong, who○ is a deputy 〓to the NPC, said G■ree entered int○o the intell●ige 08feb
y◆ in 2013. Th○e industry ■covers num eric○al control ●machines, ind●ustrial ro bot◆s, servo-manipulafeb
to○rs, intell〓igent storage ■equipment and in○tellig ent detec●ting systems."●We must stick〓 t o independent〓 researfeb
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●anufactu ring, 〓
uipment f■or Made in China 202●5.Gree has in■dependently ●filed more than 2?/a> ? patents across o?/td> 鰒er 100 typ●es of automationFormat: .jpg
〓 products, ■such as intelligen○t automatic gui●ded vehi cles, ind●ustrial r obots■ and manipula tors fo○r plastic inje◆ctionFormat: .jpg
machi●nes, which are us●ed to convey plast■ic products.T hese p○roducts have b◆een applied in f ●ields including ●home appliFormat: .jpg
ances, new● energy, food an■d energy savin●g.Intelligent?/td> ?equipment ha■s be come an importa■nt busines◆s growth point for G?/span>Format: .jpg
鰎ee. The com●pany reported t●hat revenue fr●om its intel l●igent equipment b usi〓ness reach●ed 962 mill○ion yuan ($152 mi■lFormat: .jpg
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h the sa Internet Explorer 5.0 me 〓per 5
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ina ■ha Internet Explorer 6 s been t 6
he worl?/td> 鬱's largest in〓dus trial rob●o 7
t market for f●our consecutiv〓e years, a 6
●ccor ding to Wang Xia○ngrui, presi 1.7
■dent of the Chin ■a Machinery I◆n 1.8
dustry Fede■ratio n. Sal〓es of indu 1.8
stria?/td>  robots re ached 8●9,000 uni 1.9
ts i○ n 2016, and the f■i 1.8
gure i s ex〓pected to rise 1.8
to 15 〓0,000 by 20?/td> ?0."The huge ma◆rket dem 1.7
and, s oun■d industrial ba sis〓 and 1.7
favora ble polic●y support h ◆ave brought a r?/td> 1.8
馻re o pportun〓ity for the deve○lop 1
ment o f◆ intellig ent ○equipment an 1.1
d manu 〓facturing, " Wang ■said. "We 1.2
shoul d foc○us on intelligent m■an 1.3
ufactu ring to p○r omote high-q◆uali 1.4
ty dev elo◆pment, which has ■also b 1.5
ecome t●he choice of China●'s manu 1.6
fac■t uring indust ry."●The transfo?/td> 1.7
鰎mati on and upg◆ rading of China■' 1.8
s manu facturing se◆ ctor contributed t 1.8
o■ th e development?/td> ?of t 1.8
he Chi〓 nese robot m arket?/td> ? sai
d Song X iaogang○, e xecuti ve p○
resident and secr〓e tary-gen eral o
f t◆he China Robot I●ndust ry All
iance●, adding t●h at Gree 420
has done go〓od work focu■s ing on the C
hinese● S60 S60 413
market. Please sca n■ the QR Code〓 -
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ome appl ianc●e stores in ● Beijing bega 8.5
n off?/td> 馿ring big di●s counts a 3.1
t● th e weekend.■ The prices 3.3
of m■ ost of hom〓e ap pliances 3.5
,◆ incl uding◆ refrigera○tor s and washin -
g ma●ch ines, hav◆e been cut by 10〓 to 20 1
perce◆n t. Many home applia○n ce manufactu 1
rers s 〓ay the they are c○onfident of -
the s al○es during the ●Spring Festi -
val,〓 given the 〓good perform○a -
nce du ring ?/td> 餿he New Y -
ear pe ri◆od . Shi Jiaj -
ia, 〓 Suning App l●iance, "we are -
bo●os ting consu■ PSP -
mption befor◆e the Spring F - -
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